Stakeholder Engagement Workshop on Subseasonal Prediction


Stakeholder Engagement Workshop on Subseasonal Prediction


Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES), Government of India, launched the Monsoon Mission Project in 2012 to improve monsoon forecasts in all time scales, right from short-range to seasonal. One of the most important milestones under the Monsoon Mission was implementing the state-of-the-art dynamical prediction system for sub-seasonal prediction named ERPAS (Extended Range Prediction and Application System). The system is used in generating real time forecasts of 2-4 week monsoon outlook, monsoon onset, intraseasonal monsoon oscillation, monsoon active/break spells, and extreme events like cyclones, heat and cold waves. These forecasts are being used for tactical and strategic decisions in agriculture, hydrology, energy, and health and disaster management.

Efficient use of these forecasts for societal applications in sectors like agriculture, health, aviation, water management, energy etc. requires a close collaboration between the forecasters and stakeholders. This necessitates understanding of the strengths and limitations of subseasonal forecasts by the stakeholders as well as the customisation of forecast products by the forecasters. Platforms, those involve discussions between the forecasters and stakeholders, can enhance the efficient usage of subseasonal forecasts for societal benefit.

Event Structure

Duration: 1 day


  1. • Awareness about the products available from IITM/IMD ERP system
  2. • Awareness on the strengths and weaknesses of the existing ERP system
  3. • Feedback and research highlights from users/stakeholders
  4. • Enhancing the usage of ERP products
  5. • Effective means to transform scientific information into an optimally communicative message for non-experts

Mode of workshop: hybrid mode

Agenda and list of participants will be finalised in due course

Participation: By invitation

Targeted Participants: Forecasters, Forecast-product generators and end-users.

Funding: Limited to the non-official end users who do not have any institutional affiliation/funding. However, local hospitality will be provided to all participants by IITM. 

Organizing Committee: The extended range prediction group members of IITM and IMD.