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New Product: Air Quality Early Warning System for Delhi

In an effort to improve the AQ forecast and its dissemination, the Ministry of Earth Sciences has launched a new website of Air Quality Early Warning System for Delhi which is now open to public also. In an effort to improve forecasting capabilities a very high-resolution (400 meters) operational air quality forecast using both satellite (3km resolution) and surface observations (at city scale with 43 monitoring stations) chemical data assimilation integrated with dynamical downscaling has been implemented by IITM. The warning system consists of (1) near real-time observations of air quality (and visibility) over Delhi region and details about natural aerosols like dust (from dust storms), fire information, satellite aerosol optical depth (AOD) and  PBL height,  (2) Predictions of air pollutants based on state-of-the-art atmospheric chemistry transport models, (3) Warning Messages and Alerts and Bulletins and (4) forecast of the contribution of non-local fire emissions to the air quality in Delhi.

The air quality forecast and other related information can be accessed at

The warning system also provides an air quality forecast for a few more cities in the northern region of India at 1o km resolution.    
The website also shows forecast verification for Delhi on a daily basis.

Contact details for further information: Dr Sachin Ghude, Scientist "E", IITM Pune, Email: / Tel: +91-020-25904494