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Online training in AI/ML for atmosphere-ocean applications for beginners: 15th Feb 2021 to 19th Feb 2021

ML has been used in atmospheric and oceanic sciences for decades, but it is undergoing a rapid paradigm shift. This shift is driven by three factors- bigger datasets, an increase in computing resources and hardware architecture, and novel deep learning methods. It has been used in the past for post-processing of physical models, clustering, dimensionality reduction, etc. There is an emerging focus on physics guided ML methods too. Thus, this is an application with vast scope in this field in all time and space scales. In such a scenario a series of training from beginner to expert level is required for the students and young scientists of the country.

Considering the huge importance of AI/ML, DESK-IITM is organizing an 'An online training in AI/ML for atmosphere-ocean applications for beginners’ from 15th Feb 2021 To 19th Feb 2021. This will be lecture cum hands-on training and is aimed at students and young scientists in MoES institutes and other academic institutions across the country (Only for  National Participants). This will be the first one of the series of training on this topic and will be followed by more such training sessions in the future. Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, this activity will be completely virtual.

Course Description

Machine Learning and its sub-branches such as deep learning, reinforcement learning, non-linear methods have led to important advances in various fields of science. In this course, we cover all the basic aspects of machine learning which can be useful for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

Desirable Pre-requisites:

Experience with meteorological data, familiarity with geospatial data analysis and plots, Python

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Last Date of application: 06th Feb 2021.