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Workshop on “Meteorological Forecast for Wind and Solar Energy Generation: Current Status And Future Perspective”

MoES Institutes IITM, IMD and NCMRWF have been issuing meteorological forecasts for wind and solar energy forecast to the stakeholders. The forecasts have been found to be much skillful on daily scale. However, due to increasing demand and aspirations by the stakeholders, there is a need to revisit the approaches currently being used in wind and solar energy forecasts. Apart from day (24 hour lead) ahead forecast at 15 minutes interval, there are often queries from the stakeholders about forecast of wind, cloud covers and shortwave incoming radiation etc. with a few weeks lead time and even sometimes with a few months lead time. This workshop is intended to address such emerging demand based on users/stakeholders feedback.

Date & Time : 14 July, 2021;14:30-18:00 hrs

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