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Winter Fog Campaign 2016/17 over Delhi
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The Second Winter Fog Campaign (2016-17) was conducted at the Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA), Delhi since November 2016 and concluded on 15th February 2017. During the campaign, observations were carried out at an additional site at Hissar, Haryana. The observational campaign includes simultaneous measurements of the characteristics and variability of fog events and associated dynamics, thermodynamics and fog microphysics, with the aim to achieve better understanding of the fog life cycle and ultimately improve capability in fog prediction.  IITM established extensive sets of comprehensive ground-based instrumentation, including remote sensing platforms, deployed at IGIA, New Delhi to measure micro meteorological conditions, radiation, fog droplet and aerosol microphysics, aerosol optical properties, and aerosol and fog water chemistry to describe the complete environmental conditions in which fog develops. Twenty six fog events (15 dense fog) were recorded during the campaign.