Academic Faculty (ac-cell)


Sr. No.  Faculty Research Area Topics of Teaching
1 Abhilash S Panickar Aerosols : Direct and indirect radiative effects  
2 Ali K. Cloud Physics: Based on Radar Observations of Clouds Around Delhi, Aerosol, precipitation and atmospheric trace gases , Aerosol and cloud interaction  
3 Anant B. Parekh Ocean Sciences, Air-sea interaction, Ocean General Circulation Models oceanography and earth system climate variability
4 Anoop Mahajan Atmospheric chemistry Atmospheric chemistry
5 Anupam Hazra  Cloud Microphysics, Regional & Global Model  Cloud Microphysics, Regional & Global Model 
6 Ashwini Kulkarni Climate variations and tele-connections over South, East and South-east Asia,Tele-connections :ISMR, ENSO, Eurasian and Himalayan Snow and Indian Ocean Dipole Climate Variability, Statistics, Statistical Methods for Climate Data Analyisis
7 Beig G. Air-Quality, SAFAR program, Air-Pollution monitoring and modeling  Air-Quality, Chemistry of the Atmosphere
8 Bipin Kumar Cloud Micro-physics, Small Scale Simulations Programming, Science Communications
9 Devendraa Siingh Atmospheric Electricity, Ion-Nucleation  
10 Gnanaseelan C. Ocean Sciences, Climate Variability Ocean Dynamics, Air Sea interaction
11 Hamza Varikoden Climate Change and Monsoon Variability Atmospheric boundary layer, tropical meteorology and oceanography
12 Hemant S. Chowdhury Asian Monsoon and Climate Modelling  
13 Jasti S. Chowdury Climate variaibility  over the Indo-Western Pacific  region from interannual to interdecadal time scale and physical oceanography  General circulation of ocean and air-sea interactions
14 Kaustav Chakraborty Microphysics of Clouds and Precipitation, Study the Genesis of extreme events by Radar, Satellite & Ground based Instruments  Radar Meteorology
15 Krishnan R. Asian Monsoon and Climate Modelling Climate Dynamics, Monsoon Dynamics and variability
16 Madhu Chandra Kalappu Reddy Monsoon Cloud Dynamics, Remote sensing in Meteorology & Atmospheric Instrumentation Yes for Remote sensing Meteorology/ Instrumentation in Meteorology
17 Mahen Konwar Cloud and rain microphysics Cloud and Rain microphysics
18 Medha Deshpande Tropical Cyclones, Monsoon depressions and Extreme events  
19 Meena G. S. Aerosols chemical composition, Spectroscopy measurements of atmospheric minor constituents  
20 Milind Mujumdar Climate Modelling, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, Soil-moisture Dynamics Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, Mathematics
21 Murthy B.S. Aerosol-ABL-Cloud interactions, PBL, Land-surface processes, Thunderstorm dynamics, Ecosystem exchange of CO2 and water vapour  
22 Naveen Gandhi Paleoclimatic studies using stable isotopes, Dendroclimatology  Paleoclimate and application of stable isotopes in cliamtic studies
23 Padma Kumari B. Aerosol-Cloud-Radiation interactions, Radiative effects  
24 Pandithurai  G. Aeorosoles, Radiative Balance, Cloud physics and micro physics, obervations Aerosols, Cloud Phycis, Radiation Balance
25 Parthasarathy Mukhopadhyay Development of Parameterization mesoscale NWP model, global high resolution model for simproving forecast/simulationhigh impact mesoscale systems Dynamic Met., Cloud and Convective parameterization
26 Patil M.N. Atmospheric Boundary Layer & Land surface processes  
27 Pawar S.D. Thunderstorm, Atmospheric Electricity and Lightning Thunderstorm Dynamics, Atmospheric Electricity and Lightning
28 Phani Murali Krishna Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Dynamics,Climate variability and Prediction, Ocean modelling Programming
29 Prabhu Amita Polar sea ice and snow variability for detection of climate change signals, Climate dynamics and teleconnections with special focus on the South and East Asian monsoon   
30 Prashant A. Pillai Monsoon-ENSO studies, interannual varaibility, seasonal predcition Yes, Atmos.dynamics/monsoon
31 Rajib Chattopadhyay Monsoon Variability and forecast in seasonal to subseasonal scale  Monsoon variability,general circulation and Climate prediction.
32 Ramesh Kumar Yadav Climate Variability and Dynamics Climate Variability and Dynamics especially Indian monsoon
33 Ramesh Vellore  Atmospheric Dynamics, Monsoon and high resolution deownscaling Dynamic Met., Cloud and Convective parameterization
34 Ravi S. Nanjundiah (Director, IITM) Monsoon variability and predictability  
35 Revadekar J.V. Climate Change, Extremes, Teleconnections  
36 Roxy Mathew Koll Climate Change, Ocean Atmosphere Interactions Ocean Atmosphere Dynamics, Physical Oceanography, Climate Change
37 Sabin T.P. Regional climate change analysis and modelling, Downscaling future climate projections  
38 Sachin Deshpande Cloud physcis, Convective storms, Use of Radar data to validate NWP model Cloud physcis, radar meteorology
39 Sachin Ghude Atmospheric Chemistry, Fog, Aeorsoles  Aerosols, Atmospheric Chemistry, Fog
40 Safai P.D. Aerosol Optical and Radiative Properties, Physical and chemical characteristics of atmospheric aerosols, Aerosol-Cloud Interaction, Chemistry of precipitation and Dry/Wet Deposition Studies  
41 Saha Subodh Kumar Land atmosphere interactions, predictability  
42 Sahai A.K. Extended Range Weather Forecast, Coupled models  
43 Saikat Sengupta Stable isotope application in hydrology and paleoclimate  tracer application in hydrologic cycle
44 Samir Pokhrel Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Dynamics,Climate variability and Prediction, Ocean modelling  
45 Sanjay J. Regional climate change analysis and modelling, Downscaling future climate projections Regional climate downscaling
46 Shivsai Ajit Dixit Fluid dynamics, turbulent flows, laboratory simulations, experiments, nonlinear dynamics Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, numerical methods, atmospheric thermodynamics
47 Sooraj K.P. Monsoon and changing climate, Land surface process, Tropical Climate modeling  General Circulation, Climate Science, Monson Dynamics, Mathematics
48 Srinivas Pentakota Data Assimilation, Monsoon Prediciton, Indian Ocean Dynamics, Ocean and cyclogenesis Yes, Data Assimilation, Programming
49 Subrata Kumar Das Radar and lidar remote sensing, Radar QPE, Mesoscale Meteorology Radar and lidar remote sensing
50 Supriyo Chakraborty Paleoclimate, Eco-system flux study, Isotope Hydrology Eco-system flux measurments;  Study of isotopic tracers in hydrology and  GHGs dymanics.
51 Suryachandra Rao A. Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Dynamics,Climate variability and Prediction, Ocean modelling  
52 Sushmita Joseph Variability of Indian summer monsoon, Extended Range Prediction, Heat/Cold Waves, Heavy Rainfall Events Atmospheric Dynamics and Large Scale Circulation
53 Suvarna Fadnavis Global warming, Atmopsheric chemistry  
54 Swapna  P. Ocean Sciences, Earth System Model, Coupled Climate variability  
55 Thara P. Aerosole, Cloude and Precipitation, CAIPEEX Cloud, Aerosols, Precipitation, Cloud seeding experiments
56 Vinu Valsala Physical Oceanography, General Circulation of Ocean, Ocean Biogeochemistry Ocean Atmosphere Dynamics, Physical Oceanography, Climate Change
57 Yogesh K. Tiwari Greenhouse gases monitoring and modeling, carbon cycle research Carbon cycle research