Data Archival-5

Three hourly gridded OLR data from Kalpana-1 VHRR (May 2004 onwards)

Outgoing Longwave Radiations (OLR) data based on Mahakur et al. (2013) are available at three hour intervals (i.e. 00, 03, … , 18 and 21 UTC) starting May 2004 over the Indian region (400S - 400N, 250E - 1250E) in regular latitude-longitude grid of resolution 0.25 × 0.25 degrees. This data is available at 00:15, 03:15, ..., 21:15 UTC after 00:00 UTC of 15 April 2014. A file listing the missing hours of data can be found in the README folder. Along with the three-hourly data (3Hrly); daily (DlyAvg) and monthly (MonAvg) averages are also provided in separate folders.


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