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Homogeneous Indian Monthly Rainfall Data Sets (1871-2016)

Several kinds of meteorological data sets, on a wide range of space and time scales, form the backbone of the Institute's research.  The main source of instrumental meteorological records for India is the India Meteorological Department.  All correspondence concerning the basic data on routine meteorological observations should be addressed to:

Director General of Meteorology
India Meteorological Department
Mausam Bhavan, Lodi Road
New Delhi 110 003, India

In the true spirit of promoting national/international scientific cooperation, IITM makes available some of the secondary data products generated by its scientists.  Following data are available on-line:

Download Homogeneous Indian Monthly Rainfall Data

ReadMe File     List of Raingauge Stations

All-India and Macro-Regional     Map of Regions

Sub-divisional     Map of Sub-divisions