Visitors at IITM

Photo Name Affiliation Talk Delivered Period of Visit
Dr. Bishakhdatta Gayen

A/Professor in CAOS, IISc

The dominant role of convection and turbulence in the ocean: a new understanding of the global ocean circulation
11-12 Dec 2023
Dr. Grisa Mocnil

Head -Center for Atmospheric Research, University Nova Gorica, Slovenia

In-situ measurements of the aerosol absorption coefficient with the photo-thermal interferometer: standardization, laboratory and field studies of bare and coated soot
11 Dec 2023
Ms. Anja Katzenberger

Doctoral Researcher at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Germany

Indian summer monsoon under global warming: Updates from the Latest Generation of Climate Models (CMIP6) and an idealized Monsoon Planet (10 August 2023, 03:30 PM)
07-15 Aug 2023
Dr. Nitin Chowdhary

Researcher, Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science, Lund University, Lund, Sweden

Modelling peatland carbon dynamics and their influence on the Earth's radiative balance in the past and future climates
08 Aug 2023
Dr.Sharmila Sur

Hydro climate Research Scientist, The Bureau of Meteorology, Australia

Predicting ENSO events and their regional impacts in Australia beyond a year.
05-08 Aug 2023
Dr. Jothiram Vivekanandan

Senior Scientist, Earth Observing Laboratory, NCAR, Boulder, Colorado, USA

Identification of Hydrometeor Particle Types and Estimation of Liquid Water Content from Cloud Radar and Lidar Measurements Abstract
31 Jul 2023
Prof. Ralf Toumi

Co-director, Grantham Institute-Climate Change and Environment, Imperial College, London

The Dependence of Tropical Cyclone Pressure Tendency on Size  Abstract
25 Jul 2023
Prof. Mark Baskaran

Professor & Chair, Department of Environmental Science and Geology, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, USA

Radon and its Progeny as Atmospheric Tracers Abstract
14 Jul 2023
Dr. John McGregor

Retired Scientist, CSIRO Australia

The Conformal Cubic Atmospheric Model and some applications
14 Mar 2023
Dr Alex Kinsella

Woods Hole Oceanography Institute, USA

Meridional SST Gradients and Intraseasonal Rainfall Variability in the Bay of Bengal
09 Mar 2023
Dr Jeff Lapierre

Lightning Scientist at Earth Networks Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States

Lightning detection network and its application for research 
22 Feb 2023
Prof Pavel Kabat

The Secretary General of the International Human Frontier Science Program Organization and former Director General of IIASA, Austria and former Chief Scientist of WMO

Inclusion of Biology in Climate Change Modeling
17 Feb 2023
Prof. D. Pallamraju

Dean, Physical Research Laboratory (PRL), Ahmedabad, India

Space Weather Science and its effect on Societal Applications Abstract
13 Feb 2023
Prof. Laxmivarahan

George Lynn Cross Research Professor Emeritus, School of Computer science, University of Oklahoma, USA

Role of Observability Gramain in state and Parameter Estimation in Dynamical Systems "Workshop: National Training workshop on fundamentals of Data Assimilation (NTDA-2)" Abstract
06-10 Feb 2023
Prof. Elena Surovyatkina

Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), Potsdam, Germany, Space Research Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences (IKI), Moscow, Russia

Two types of critical transitions to monsoon Abstract
17 Jan 2023
Dr. Vijay Tallapragada

Ph.D. Senior Scientist for Environmental Modeling Center, NOAA/NWS/NCEP College Park, MD, USA

Development of NOAA’s Community-based Coupled Unified Forecast System (UFS) for Research and Operations- Current Status and Future Plans   Abstract
22 Dec 2022
Prof. Bernard Legras

Directeur de Recherche CNRS (DRCE2) at Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique/ IPSL (UMR CNRS 8539, ENS-PSL, Sorbonne Université , Ecole Polytechnique)

Upper troposphere and lower stratosphere (UTLS)
02 Dec 2022
Dr. Punarbasu Chaudhuri

Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Science, University of Calcutta

Ecosystem Services of Mangrove Forests of Indian Sundarban Abstract
29 Aug 2022
Prof. V. Ramaswamy

Director, GFDL, USA

Professor P. R. Pisharoty Distinguished 13th Lecture on “Climate Science, Information and Impacts in the 21st Century”
30 Apr 2022
Mr. Ashish Lahiri

Writer, translator, lexicographer & a researcher in History of Science. specializing in Science-culture. Visiting Faculty IISER, Kolkata and Member Pavlov Institute, Kolkata

Life and works of Sri Radhanath Sikdar: a Pioneer Indian Meteorologist of 19th Century, who measured the height of Mt. Everest
06 Mar 2020
Prof. Eugenia Kalnay

University of Maryland

Decadal Climate change and the Human System: The need for bidirectional coupling of the Climate and Human Systems.
05 Mar 2020
Prof. Eugenia Kalnay

University of Maryland

Can we improve substantially weather forecasts without cheating?
03 Mar 2020
Dr. Eng Lim Goh

Senior Vice president and Chief Technology Officer for Artificial Intelligence at Hewlett Packard Enterprise

From IoT to Machine Learning, Simulation and Exascale
02 Mar 2020
Dr. Ashish Sharma

Illinois Research Climatologist, Adjunct Professor, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

Bridging scales for societal impacts: Modeling to Measurements
27 Feb 2020
Dr. Rajesh Kumar

Project Scientist II, Research Applications Laboratory, National Center for Atmospheric Research, USA

Multi-scale air quality modeling to support air quality decision-making activity and evaluate measurement techniques
26 Feb 2020
Dr. Francesco Doblas Reyes

Director, Earth Sciences Department, Barcelona Super Computing Center (Centro Nacional de Supercomputacion, BSC), Barcelona (Spain)

From the byte to the service: trans-disciplinary climate research
22 Feb 2020
Prof. Prasanta K. Datta

Department of Physics, IIT, Kharagpur

THz spectroscopy for Atmospheric Monitoring
17 Feb 2020
Dr. Vishal Dixit

  Postdoctoral research associate,    Dept. of geosciences and remote sensing,    TU Delft, Netherlands

Cloud-circulation coupling in tropical rain-bands
21 Jan 2020
Dr. Nidhi Rai

Mohanlal Sukhadia University–Udaipur (MLSU)

Development of air pollution modeling framework for India with improvement of secondary particulate formation mechanism
17 Jan 2020
Mr. Deep Sengupta

 Desert Research Institute, Reno, USA

Emissions and fate of organic aerosols from Biomass burning: A laboratory perspective
09 Jan 2020
Prof. Dr. Kishore Marathe

Professor Emeritus of Mathematics and Physics, Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center, City University of New York

 What is Physical Mathematics?
07 Jan 2020
Dr. Prabir Patra

Senior scientist, Jamstec, JAPAN & Visiting professor at CERES, Chiba University, Japan

Modelling CO2 and CH4 using JAMSTEC’s ACTM, and contributions to the global and regional synthesis projects
30 Dec 2019
Dr. William Boos

University of California, Berkeley

How topography creates strong monsoons: Elevated heating and orographic insulation
19 Dec 2019
Dr. William Boos

University of California, Berkeley

Using simple energy inputs to understand tropical rainfall shifts in observations and models
18 Dec 2019
Ms. Shahana Bano Guide: Dr. G. Beig, IITM (external) and Dr. D. S. Rathore

Udaipur University (internal) Assessment in Ahmedabad City 

Study of Seasonal Variability of Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5) and Source-Specific Human Health Risk
16 Dec 2019
Name of Student: Mr. Ritesh Kalbande Guide: Dr. G. Beig, IITM (external) and Dr. D. S. Rathore

Udaipur University (internal)

Study of linkages of volatile organic compounds with ozone using observations and Artificial Neural Network based model for Pune region
16 Dec 2019
Dr. Shreya Dhame

Climate Change Research Centre, University of New South Wales.

Indian Ocean warming modulates global atmospheric circulation trends
10 Dec 2019
Mr. Vishal Galagali

Business Development Manager

USER EDUCATION session on  "Grammarly" writing support tool  for researchers
01 Oct 2019
Prof. Raghu Murtugudde

University of Maryland, USA

26 Sep 2019
Prof. Raghu Murtugudde

University of Maryland, USA

Bio-Physical Interactions and Feedbacks in The Tropics
05 Sep 2019
Dr. K. J. Ramesh

Former Director-General of IMD

Monsoon variability
14 Aug 2019
Dr. Nabanita Borah

Geophysicist and Climate Scientist

On Science Communication;  A documentary will be shown as a part of the colloquium named "A Bridge over the River"
23 Jul 2019
Prof. Peter Molnar

Geophysicist and Climate Scientist

Late Cenozoic climate in Asia and its relationship to the growth of Tibet
23 Jul 2019
Dr. Sutirtha Sengupta

University of Califormia, Santa Cruz, California, USA

Vorticity generation in rotating cylindrical shear flows
12 Jul 2019
Dr. Ms. Ilene Carpenter

Director, Earth Science Division CRAY Inc. USA

Weather, Water and Climate with CRAY Systems
05 Jul 2019
Dr. Chinmay Mallik

 Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Mainz, Germany

Atmospheric pollutants and cleansers Abstract
26 Mar 2019
Dr. Douglas R. Worsnop

Vice-President & Director at Aerodyne Research Inc.

Atmospheric Aerosol Chemistry:  Climate and Air Quality Abstract
25 Mar 2019
Prof. Durgesh Tripathi

Associate Professor (Scientist - F) at IUCAA, Pune

Reaching for the Sun
22 Mar 2019
Dr. Sudhanshu Pandey

SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research, Sorbonnelaan, The Netherlands.  

11th Anathakrishna Colloquium: Lecture : TROPOMI: The Next Big Thing in Atmospheric Trace Gas Measurements Abstract
Ms. Giorgia Di Capua

PIK, Potsdam

Tropical and midlatitude teleconnections interacting with the Indian summer monsoon rainfall: A Theory-Guided Causal Effect Network Approach
13 Mar 2019
Dr. Harry Hendon

Senior Principal research Scientist and Climate Processes Team Leader, Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne, Australia

Role of the Tropical Indian Ocean for promoting record low  sea ice extent in Antarctica in 2016 for Prof. P.R. Pisharoty Distinguished lecture series
06 Feb 2019
Dr. Rajesh Kumar

National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, CO

MAP-AQ: An International System for Monitoring, Analysis, and  Prediction of Air Quality For 9th "Prof. R. Ananthakrishnan” Seminar Series Abstract
08 Jan 2019
Dr. Jeff Throckmorton

President & CEO, Droplet Measurement Technologies, LLC, USA

DMT activities in the field of measurements of aerosols & clouds and data processing and Meeting for discussion
21-23 Oct 2018
Dr. M. M. Ali


8th "Prof. R. Ananthakrishnan Colloquium" Lecture: "Impact of ocean mean temperature on ISMR"
Dr. Sijikumar


Discussions on Optimal Network Design for GHG measurements over India
11-15 Sep 2018
Dr. Vishal Dixit

Climate Change Research Centre, ARC Centre for Climate Science, University of New South Wales, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia  

Tthe 7th “Prof. R. Ananthakrishnan” seminar on “The shadow of bright clouds on the tropical rain-bands”
06 Sep 2018
Prof J. Indu

Assistant professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering, IIT Bombay, Powai

Land Data Assimilation Abstract
31 Aug - 01 Sep 2018
Shri. B. Anand

AS & FA, MoES, New Delhi

21-22 Aug 2018
Prof. Toru Terao

Faculty of Education, Kagawa University, Japan, co-leading the launching process of the Post-MAHASRI project visited IITM on 21 August 2018 and discussed with IITM scientists

Discussion Meeting about the possibilities of collaboration with IITM on better understanding of Asian land precipitation over diverse hydroclimatological conditions for better prediction, disaster reduction and sustainable development.
21 Aug 2018
Dr. Greg McFarquhar

Vice-president, ICCP, (Director, Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies (CIMMS), Professor, School of Meteorology, The University of Oklahoma, USA)

1)Recent Observational Campaigns over the Southern Oceans Examining the Roles of Clouds, Aerosols and Radiation in the Climate System: SOCRATES and MARCUS (Date of talk: 25.07.2018) 2) Use of In-Situ Observations for Quantifying Ice Cloud Microphysical Properties and Processes, and their Uncertainties (Date of talk: 26.07.2018) 3) Cirrus Cloud Impacts on Radiation and Climate from In-Situ Observations (Date of talk: 26.07.2018)
25-26 Jul 2018
Dr. Andrea Flossmann

President, International Commission on Clouds and Precipitation  (ICCP)(LAMP, Campus universitaire des Cezeaux, France)

 1)Modelling of cloud physics properties and comparison with observations. (Date of talk: 25 July 2018)   2)Two recent research subjects: "intense precipitation" and "isotopes. (Date of talk: 25 July 2018)
25-26 Jul 2018
Ms. Sarah A. Carson

Princeton University

A Historian's Perspective on Weather Forecasting in India
13 Jul 2018
Dr. Pulak Guhathakurta

Scientist F, Head, Climate Data Management and Services, CRS, India Meteorological Department, Pune

Use of Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI) and Standardized Precipitation -Evapotranspiration Index (SPEI) in monitoring dry/wet conditions
10 Jul 2018
Smt. Mrudula Karvande

Retd. Deputy Superintendent of Police

Provisions of the sexual harassment of women at workplace(prevention, prohibition and redressal) Act 2013
25 Jun 2018
Dr. Nick DAdamo

Head of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO at Australia

The new frontier in Indian Ocean research - unlocking the truth about its role in the earth’s life support system
07 Jun 2018
Dr. Revati Phalkey

University of Nottingham

Connecting the dots: from climate and weather to health
23 Apr 2018
Prof. S. Ghosh

School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds, U.K. and School of Mechanical Engineering, VIT, Vellore, India

Turbulent transport of oceanic sea salt aerosol over the Indian sub-continent: Mass accommodation effects and associated Cloud microphysical implications
26 Mar 2018
Dr. Manoj K. Patairiya

Director, CSIR-NISCAIR, New Delhi

How science communication can play an active role in establishing better linkages between science and society for making us weather ready and climate smart
23 Mar 2018
Dr. Svante Hendrksson

Finnish Meteorological Institute

Oscillations of the Indian Monsoon - looking for explanations Abstract
22 Feb 2018
Dr. Mrinal Biswas

Scientist, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, USA

Hurricane activities at Developmental Testbed Center
19 Feb 2018
Dr Harald Czekala

Remote sensing experts from RPG-Radiometer Physics GmbH, Germany

Microwave Radiometers and W+V Band Cloud Radars for atmospheric observations
07 Feb 2018
Dr Andreas Larsen

Remote sensing experts from RPG-Radiometer Physics GmbH, Germany

Microwave Radiometers and W+V Band Cloud Radars for atmospheric observations
07 Feb 2018
Dr. Pinaki Chakraborty

Associate Professor of fluid mechanics, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University, Japan   visited IITM. He delivered a seminar on the topic "“ at the Institute on 2nd February 2018.

Effect of rainpower on hurricane intensity Abstract
2-4 Feb 2018
Prof. Sivakumar Venkataraman

Univerdity of KwaZulu-Nata is on visit to IITM. He will deliver a seminar on the topic "Lower Atmospheric Research Activities at UKZN, Durban" on 9th January 2018 at IITM. Univerdity of KwaZulu-Nata

Lower Atmospheric Research Activities at UKZN, Durban Abstract
9 Jan 2018
Dr. Vishal Dixit

Damianos Mantsis, Steven Sherwood and Olivier Geoffroy Climate Change Research Centre, University of New South Wales, Sydney

The mechanism limiting the northward extent of African monsoon in a GCM and high resolution (4 Km) simulations of present and past climate
15 Dec 2017
Prof. Adam Sobel

Professor, Applied Physics & Applied Mathematics and Earth & Environmental Sciences, Columbia University, New York

Dynamics of tropical intraseasonal oscillations
8 Dec 2017
Sundararaman. G. Gopalakrishnan

Lead Meteorologist, Modeling and Hurricane Forecast Improvement Project (HFIP) Development Manager Hurricane Research Division/AOML/NOAA

Advances and Challenges in Tropical Cyclone Structure & Intensity Predictions: Large-Scale & Convection
05 Dec 2017
Prof. Andrew Turner

University of Reading, UK

Modelling the Indian Monsoon and the INCOMPASS field campaign
27 Nov 2017
Prof. Satheesh S.K.

IISc., Bangalore

Short-lived Climate Forcers: Science and Policy Abstract
Dr. John McGregor

CSIRO, Melbourne Australia

Two new dynamical core on the Uniform Jacobian cubed-sphere

Dr. Lokesh Kumar Sahu

Associate Professor, Space and Atmospheric Science Division, Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad

Study of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in India: Anthropogenic vs Biogenic Sources

29 Sep 2017
Mr. Edward Lemon

Product Manager for MARGA and on-line IC, Metrohm Applikon BV, The Netherlands

MARGA System: Technology Development in aerosol and gaseous chemistry

15 Sep 2017
Dr. Alfons Jordan

IONICON Analytik,  Austria

PTR-MS-Technology Advancement and its application in Ambient Air Analysis

12 Sep 2017
Dr. Vivekanandan

Sr. Scientist, NCAR, Boulder, Colorado, USA visited IITM during 11-15 September 2017.

Scientific discussions on various aspects of C-Band radar observations and validation and on lidar investigations of clouds and aerosols with CAIPEEX-IITM scientists

11-15 Sep 2017
Dr. Ross Morrison

Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH), Wallingford, UK

Interaction with COSMOS-IITM team members for calibration of COSMOS-soil-moisture probe installed at IITM

5-7 Sep 2017
Dr. Jonathan G. Evans

Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH), Wallingford, UK

Interaction with COSMOS-IITM team members for calibration of COSMOS-soil-moisture probe installed at IITM

5-7 Sep 2017
Prof. K. Ashok

Centre for Earth and Space Sciences (UCESS), University of Hyderabad

ENSO-Indian Summer Monsoon Teleconnections During The Last Millennium in the PMIP3 simulations
04 Aug 2017
Dr. Bidyut B Goswami

Postdoctoral fellow, New York University at Abu Dhabi (NYUAD)

An attempt to break the deadlock: A Stochastic convective parameterization approach

19 July 2017
Dr. Rajesh Janardanan

Postdoctoral fellow, New York University, Abu Dhabi (NYUAD)

An attempt to break the deadlock: A stochastic convective parameterization approach

19 July 2017
Mr. Maheshwar Pradhan

Scientist, Indian Institute of tropical Meteorology

Seasonal Prediction
IITM Scientist
Ms. J.S. Deepa

Scientist, Indian Institute of tropical Meteorology

Oceanic Features
IITM Scientist
Mr. Avijit Dey

Scientist, Indian Institute of tropical Meteorology

Extended Range Prediction
IITM Scientist
Mr. Malay Ganai

Scientist, Indian Institute of tropical Meteorology

Short Range Weather Prediction
IITM Scientist
Dr. Manik Bali

NOAA, College Park, MD

Global Space Based Inter-Calibration System

21 June 2017
Mr. Maheshwar Pradhan

Scientist, Indian Institute of tropical Meteorology

Seasonal Prediction
IITM Scientist
Ms. Rashmi Kakatkar

Scientist, Indian Institute of tropical Meteorology

Evolution of Indo-Pacific oceanic features in 2017 and its comparison with 2014 & 2015
IITM Scientist
Dr. Susmitha Joseph

Scientist, Indian Institute of tropical Meteorology

Extended Range Prediction
IITM Scientist
Dr. Medha Deshpande

Scientist, Indian Institute of tropical Meteorology

Prediction of Weather Associated with Onset and advance of Monsoon 2017
IITM Scientist
 Dr. Alexandru Rap

School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds, UK

Aerosol and ozone radiative effects

24 Mar 2017
Dr. J.R. Kulkarni

Ex-Scientist and Ex-Prog. Manager of CAIPEEX at IITM

Understanding Clouds

23 Mar 2017
Prof. Marianne T. Lund

Research Director, CICERO Center for International Climate and Environmental Research - Oslo, NORWAY (Under INDO-Norway bilateral Scientific Cooperation of MoES-NRC

Precipitation and response model inter-comparision Project (PDRMIR)-Climate Research at CICERO

6-8 March 2017
Dr. Bjørn H. Samset

Research Director, CICERO Center for International Climate and Environmental Research - Oslo, NORWAY, (Under INDO-Norway bilateral Scientific Cooperation of MoES-NRC

Precipitation and response model inter-comparision Project (PDRMIR)-Climate Research at CICERO

6-8 Mar 2017
Dr. Ibrahim Hoteit

Physical Sciences and Engineering Division, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Thuwal, Saudi Arabia

A Data-Driven Modelling System for Studying and Forecasting the Circulation and Climate of the Red Sea

01 Feb 2017
Prof. Atul Jain

Department of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Illinois, USA

The Influence of man on Climate & Global Biogeochemical Cycles

14 Jan 2017
Prof. Wojciech W. Grabowski

Senior Scientist and Distinguished Professor, National Center for Atmospheric Research Boulder Colorado

Modeling condensation in cloud-scale models



09 Jan 2017
Mr. Fredrick J Brechtel

Brechtel Manufacturing Inc. (BMI), Hayward, California, USA

Advanced Aerosol Technology for Aerosol and Cloud Research

05 Dec 2016
Dr. Andre Prevot

Scherrer Institute, Switzerland

Organic aerosols: source apportionment and aging studies

01 Dec 2016
Dr. Mitchell W. Moncrieff

Senior Scientist from National Centre for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), USA

Visited IITM as visiting Scientist. Pisharoty Lecture on 23 February 2016

Lectures on  

'Organized Tropical Convection in a Near-Saturated Environment'   on 25 February 2016

'Organized Convection, Tropical Wave, and MJO Interaction' on 26 February 2016

22-26 Feb 2016
Prof. Raghu Murtugudde

Professor & CBFS Executive Director, CMNS-Atmospheric & Oceanic Science, Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center, University of Maryland, USA

ITCZ, Tropical Atlantic and the Indian monsoon

24 Nov 2016
Dr. Georgina Cundill Kemp

Senior Program Officer, Adaptation at Scale in Semi-Arid Regions - Collaborative Adaptation Research Initiative in Africa and Asia  (ASSAR-CARIAA), International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Canada

18 Nov 2016
Ms. Lucia Scodanibbio

ASSAR Project Manager, ACDI, University of Cape Town (UCT) South Africa

18 Nov 2016
Dr. Amir Bashir Bazaz

Senior Consultant-Practice, Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS) Bangalore

18 Nov 2016
Dr. Harry Dixon

Senior Hydrologist, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH), UK

13 to 16 Nov 2016
Dr. George Burba

Licor Bioscience, USA

Review: Novel use of High-Speed Open Path Technology in Various applications for Mobile Methane measurements by Research Organizations and Regulatory Agencies

9 Nov 2016
Prof. K. T. Paw

University of California, Davis, USA

Evapotranspiration Measurements and Modelling with Biomicrometeorological methods at UC Davis

4 Nov 2016
Prof. Dr. Thomas Peter

Institute of Atmosphere and Climate (IAC), Zürich, Switzerland

Accuracy of Upper Tropospheric Humidity Measurements and the 2016 Balloon Campaign in Nainital, India

26 Aug 2016
Dr. Nico

Deputy Executive Director, International CLIVAR Project Office

An Overview of CLIVAR Activities - Role of India

17 Aug 2016
Prof. Sreedhar Balasubrahmanyam

Dept. of Mechanical Engineering,  Interdisciplinary Program on Climate Change, IIT Bombay

Using experimentation to study bulk and local mixing dynamics in stratified fluids

11 Jul 2016
Dr. Martijn Lammers

Liaison for Science, Technology & Innovation, and Consulate-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

No Talk delivered. He had Discussions with IITM scientists

8 Jul 2016
Dr. Srinivasa Ramanujam Kannan

Assistant Professor, School of Mechanical Sciences, IIT Bhubaneswar

Information theoretic approach for model-observation synergy

28 Jun 2016
Dr. Arun Srivastava

Assistant Professor, JNU, New Delhi

Quantifying enhancement in aerosol radiative forcing during ‘extreme aerosol days’  in summer at Delhi National Capital Region, India

24 Jun 2016
Dr. P. Mukhopadhyay

Scientist, Indian Institute of tropical Meteorology

Short-range Prediction
22 Jun 2016
Dr.Susmitha Joseph

Scientist, Indian Institute of tropical Meteorology

Extended-range Prediction
22 Jun 2016
Mr. Ankur Srivastava

Scientist, Indian Institute of tropical Meteorology

Seasonal Prediction
22 Jun 2016
Dr. J.R. Kulkarni

Retired Scientist, Indian Institute of tropical Meteorology

Brief on Observational features
22 Jun 2016
Prof. S. Lakshmivarahan

George Lynn Cross Research Professor, University of Oklahoma, Norman, USA

Unscented Kalman filters

18 Jun 2016
Prof. Subrahmanyam Bulusu

Professor of Satellite Oceanography & Physical Oceanography School of  the Earth, Ocean and Environment, University of South Carolina, Columbia, USA

Role of ocean dynamics in the MJO initiation over the Indian Ocean

17 Jun 2016
Dr. Kunal Chakraborty

Scientist, INCOIS

Efforts of setting up biogeochemical model configuration using ROMS at high resolutions in the Indian Ocean

16 Jun 2016
Ms. Kriti Bhargava

Department of Atmospheric & Oceanic science, University of Maryland

Estimation and correction of systematic model errors in GFS

10 Jun 2016
Prof. Phil Dickerson

Group Leader, US-EPA, Office of Air Quality Planning & Standards, North Carolina State University, USA (US-EPA-United States Environmental Protection Agency, has designed one of the first air quality forecasting systems called “AirNow” in the world)

US EPA AirNow System - History, Purpose, and Future

22 Apr 2016
Dr. Mitchell Moncrieff

Distinguished Scientist, Climate and Global Dynamics Laboratory, Atmospheric Modeling and Predictability group, NCAR, UCAR

Organized Tropical Convection in a Near-Saturated Environment

25 Mar 2016
Prof. Atul Jain

Department of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Illinois, USA

Integrated Assessment Modeling of Biogeochemical Cycles, Climate Change and Impacts

21 Mar 2016
Dr. Joy Merwin Monteiro

IISc Bangalore

Interpreting the upper level structure of the Madden-Julian Oscillation

21 Mar 2016
Prof. Jun Matsumoto

Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan

MAHASRI 10-year activity and beyond

16 Mar 2016
Dr.Tomoshige Inoue

Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan

Characteristics of summer monsoon rainfall associated with the 2011 Chao Phraya River flood in Thailand

16 Mar 2016
Mr. Aninda Bose

Senior Editor – Hard Sciences, Springer (India) Private Limited

The Elements of Scientific Publishing

09 Mar 2016
Prof. Venugopal

Centre for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (CAOS), Indian Institute of Science (IISc)

Statistics and Probability

22-26 Feb 2016
Prof. W. Grabowski

Senior Scientist, NCAR, USA

Towards global large eddy simulation: super-parameterization revisited
25 Jan 2016
Prof. Jagadish Shukla

University Professor, George Mason University (GMU) & Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies (COLA), USA

Scientific Discussions

11-13 Feb 2016
Prof. Wojciech W. Grabowski

National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), USA

'Towards global large eddy simulation: super-parameterization revisited' on  25 January 2016

'Untangling microphysical impacts on deep convection applying piggybacking methodology' on  28 January 2016

21-30 Jan 2016
Prof. Mike Wallace

University of Washington, USA

The MJO, the MISO and the Pacific-Japan pattern   on 21 January 2016

The MJO: Phase velocity, group velocity and teleconnections   on 22 January 2016

21- 22 Jan 2016
Dr. Harry Hendon

Senior Scientist, Bureau of Meteorology Research Centre (BMRC), Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research (CAWCR), Melbourne, Australia.

Impact of QBO on the predictability of MJO

11 Jan 2016