भारतीय उष्णदेशीय मौसम विज्ञान संस्थान
Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology

पृथ्वी विज्ञान मंत्रालय, भारत सरकार का एक स्वायत्त संस्थान An Autonomous Institute of the
Ministry of Earth Sciences, Govt. of India

About the workshop

The Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM) is a premier institute under the Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES), Govt of India, in weather and climate sciences. IITM has made remarkable achievements since its inception and has celebrated its 61st anniversary in 2022. The accomplishment of IITM is outstanding in the monsoon forecast at different scales, observations of tropical clouds, urban air pollution assessment and projections, and above all, its participation with a new earth system model in the IPCC.

The history of IITM is closely linked to that of the India Meteorological Department (IMD), where Legendary women scientists such as Ms. Anna Mani have worked and led a fully-fledged atmospheric instrumentation development group. After that, many were inspired by her work and other women leaders in diverse fields who followed in their footsteps to make a mark in the weather and climate sciences. This workshop is organized to celebrate in empowering, enhancing, and enlightening women in these sciences and their connection with other fields. The Diamond jubilee of IITM gives a special occasion to organize such a workshop. The foundation laid by leading ladies will be cherished and recognized.

The workshop will have invited speakers who can deliver motivational speeches for the younger generation, bring new knowledge about opportunities, and discuss communication and networking skills to advance their understanding and pursue leadership in diverse fields.




Arriving guests/participants

(Moderators: Drs. Chaitri Roy, Smrati Gupta, Sandeep J, Shibani Bhatt, Renu Das coordinated by Dr. Padmakumari B)


Opening ceremony

The lighting of lamp  

(Song by Krushna)

Welcome speech

Ms. Mercy Varghese


Dr. R. Krishnan, Director, IITM

Felicitation of Guests


Speech by the Chief Guest 1

Prof. Sulochana Gadgil, IISc Bengaluru

Introduction by Dr. Ashwini Kulkarni, IITM, Pune

Speech by the Chief Guest 2

Dr. Aparna Panse,

Director, Balkalyan Sansta, Pune

Introduction by Ms. Vijayaumari C.P.



Speech by Guest of Honor 1

Dr. Mary Selvam (online)

Introduction by Dr. Suvarna Fadnavis

Introduction to Ocean Society of India (OSI)

Dr. Aditi Deshpande, SPPU, Pune

Speech by Guest of Honor2

Dr. Salvekar P. S (Honoured by OSI, India) Introduction by Dr. Medha Deshpande

Speech by Guest of Honor3

Ms. Girija Nurani,

Introduction by Ms. Yogita Kad

Recognition ceremony

Video on the retirees’ work

Vote of thanks

Dr. Thara Prabhakaran, IITM Pune

Photo Session: Everyone to gather in front of the Auditorium


Tea/coffee break: High Tea


Invited talk topic:

Gender equality

Dr. Bindu Ronald &

Dr. Manika Kamthan

Symbiosis College, Pune

Introduction by Ms. Mercy Varghese

Invited talk topic: Women and health

Dr. Manish Machave &

Dr. Tejas Gundewar

Ruby Hall Hospital, Pune

Introduction by Dr. Amita Prabhu

Invited talk: Patriarchy and shouldering administrative roles: A Gendered Perspective

Prof. Vineeta Bal, IISER Pune

Introduction by Dr. Shompa Das


e-poster presentations

Outside participants


Networking (Paint a jute pot and collect a plant)


Lunch break


Panel discussion (Panelists)

Topic: “Enlightening the opportunities for women and gender equality in science – avenues for change?”


Audience interaction

1600-1615 pm

Tea Break sponsored by OSI


Conclusion ceremony

Cultural program

Concept by Drs. Medha Deshpande, Tirkey Snehlata, and Shikha Singh. Choreography by Students of IITM

Invited talks

Invited talks highlights:

  • Inspirational talk by outstanding retired scientists
  • Invited talk on the topic of gender equality
  • Invited talk on the topic of Women and health
  • Invited talk on the topic Bridging administration, science and society

The workshop will be conducted in a hybrid mode. All events will be live-streamed.

The workshop solicits contributions for an e-poster session on the following

  • Climate change, extreme weather, women and society: Climate change and its impacts and adaptation is a surmounting challenge for humanity. The session calls for contributions centered on the challenges faced by women and solutions brought up by women. Lessons learned from local/regional/global examples may be discussed in this session. 
  • Diversity and gender equality in the weather and climate sciences and the role of men/women: The topic of diversity and inclusion in these sciences may be discussed. The examples available with different STEM institutions for inclusion can be presented. Ideas for sustainable changes for gender equality may be discussed. What can we do to attract more women in weather and climate sciences?
  • Air pollution, health, and women: Issues relating to air pollution and health may be discussed 
  • Role of women in water resources, climate change adaptation, and mitigation: Sustainable development goals for these topics and the needs of women and girls and their empowerment can be discussed
  • Role of women in data and climate services: Women play a key role in the collection, curation, and dissemination of data of different types for climate services.